Cafe 연남동 223-14

Yeonnamdong is a city with lots of stylish cafes, but here are some of the cutest.

The concept here is Painting Cafe.

It is a world view as if it were in a picture book.

The store is based on white & black. The furniture and interior looks drawn with black lines on a white wall, and it’s furnished with black furniture. The actual furniture and interior looks like a picture, and the picture drawn on the contrary looks like the furniture and interior. It is a mysterious space and feels as if you have stepped into a painting. So taking photos here is fun. Everyone in the store is crazy about photography. That’s why it’s also called a photo cafe.

It is a popular cafe for Korean girls and tourists, so there are always many customers.

초코 초코 프라페 Choco Choco Frappe / 6500w

무디 기 무디 무디 Strawberry yogurt smoothie / 6000w


You can also enjoy the cafe here on a sunny day.

What was originally in another nearby location (Yeonnam-dong 239-20) was expanded and moved to the current location (Yeonnam-dong 223-14) in 2018. It ‘s getting bigger and starting a dessert menu. It’s a popular shop, so it’s particularly crowded on weekends, so you might want to go on weekdays as much as possible.

Opening Hours >>>

11: 00-21: 00 (Last order 20:30)

Access >>>

Subway Line 2 Airport Railway Port

A 15-minute walk from Exit 3 of Hongik University Station

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