Group Victon Tokyo is sweet… Japanese fan meeting successful

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

Group VICTON completed the fan meeting in Japan and opened the brilliant gate of their first Asian tour.

VICTON met 6,000 fans at the Fuchuno Mori Theater in Tokyo, Japan on the 29th of last month and the first Asian tour “ VOICE TO ALICE ” at Osaka Cool Japan Park Osaka WW Hall on the 1st.

On this day, VICTON appeared on the charismatic stage with its debut song ‘What time is it now?’ VICTON is a talented group with a variety of stages including ballads and dance songs such as ‘Old Night’, ‘New World’, ‘Worried About’, and ‘Owolae’. Boiled.

On the stage of VICTON, fans enthusiastically replied, singing in Korean.

Following the stage, VICTON had a special time with their fans through talks and games. Each member revealed an unpublished photo of the members ‘episodes, responded deeply to the fans’ questions and sympathized deeply, and led a cheerful atmosphere with a unique and pleasant talk.

VICTON successfully finished the 120-minute fan meeting by playing the ending song “ Because I Love You ” followed by the Encore song “ LIGHT ”. Even after the performance, VICTON carefully cared for the fans until the end of the high touch event and autograph session.

After releasing their 5th mini album “ nostalgia ” last November, VICTON proved “high-speed growth” by completing successful album activities with the best score reports. Currently, they are continuing the “trendy walk” of the Asian tour with an unprecedented end.

VICTON, which has received a lot of attention from overseas beyond Korea, will continue its heat in Bangkok, 14th in Taipei and 21st in Manila on the 8th, and will finalize the Asian Tour Finale in Seoul next January.

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