To introduce Korean food! – No.2 국밥(Rice Soup, Gukbap)

Gukbap is a mixture of rice with soup.

It is so popular that one can say that Korea has gukbap

when one picks out the most traditional foods of ordinary people,

such as dim sum in China, Ramen in Japan and Poe in Vietnam.

Gukbap is a food that reflects Korea’s long-standing tradition of eating culture.

In Korea, there is a culture of eating rice mainly and eating soup together.

Therefore, Just mixing rice in most soups can be ‘Gukbap’.

It is a favorite food for the public because it is simple and filling and tasty.

 There are also many different kinds of ‘gookbap’ depending on the ingredients like kalguksu.

Examples include Sundae(intestines) gukbap, Haejangguk, Gomtang, pork gukbap, and bean sprout gukbap.

Although there are usually many gukbap dishes with meat in them, there are also gukbap dishes with vegetables like bean sprouts, so vegetarians can try it.

Gukbap is 6,000 won to 10,000 won ($ 7 to $9) at a restaurant to eat.

Eating a variety of specialized gukbap in different Korean cities can be a fun thing.

Examples include “bean sprouts Gukbap” in Jeonju, “Pork gukbap” in Busan, and “Ttaro Gukbap” in Daegu.

Gukbap is more delicious when eaten with side dishes

such as kimchi, onion, pickled chives, and leeks.

Salt, salted shrimp, pepper, and red pepper sauce can be added directly to create flavors that suit your taste.

Gukbap is served in ttukbaegi, a special Korean dish.

Ttukbaegi is a thick dish made by baking it with soil.

It features keeping the dish warm for a long time from serving on the table until the meal is finished.

So, you can eat warm soup until you eat the last bite.

Generally, restaurants that sell Gukbap often operate around the clock.

The reason is that when the soup is boiled using the bones of cows, pigs, and chickens, it must be boiled for a long time to complete the delicious soup.

At the same time, it is beneficial to boil the soup all night and sell it to customers.

So, you can go and eat even when you are hungry late at night. I hope you will try it, too.

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