‘Chocolate’ Yoon Kye-sang & Ha Ji-won, will it lead to ties despite misunderstanding and crisscross?

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‘Chocolate’ Yoon Kye-sang and Ha Ji-won can continue to overcome misunderstanding and gaps?

On the 5th, JTBC’s Friday/Saturday Drama ‘Chocolate’ captures subtle changes between Lee Kang and Moon Cha-young, raising curiosity.

‘Chocolate’ showed the essence of human melodrama that has been met in a long time with entirely different emotion from its first broadcast. The viewers’ hot responses continued. The two episodes broadcast on the 30th recorded 4.4% nationwide and 5.3% in the Seoul metropolitan area (based on Nielsen Korea, paid households), renewed its highest ratings by 6.0% per minute.

The synergy of the ‘Sensitivity Dream Team’ was a quite true. Lee Hyung-min, Lee Kyung-hee, who has accumulated detailed narratives with delicate emotions and deep insights into human beings. The synergy between Yoon Kye-sang, who convinced Lee Kang with detailed actin, and Ha Ji-won, who played warm and bright Moon Cha-young, beat viewers’ emotions.

In the last episode, Lee Kang and Moon Cha-young went back in time and reunited. In the midst of sadness with the intertwined relationship, the picture released reveals changes in the relationship between the two and raises curiosity. First, the theater dates of Lee Kang and Moon Cha-young capture the eye. Lee Kang, who leans to Moon Cha-young’s shoulder, is filled with the emotions of Moon Cha-young who is astonished to breathe, causing excitement.

However, in the pictures that follow, the two heroes stand in different atmosphere. Lee Kang appeared in front of Moon Cha-young who was determined to leave, and blocked her with cold eyes. Moon Cha-young, who has no intention of reverting her determination, looks back at Lee Kang with a firm face. This adds viewers’ expectations for what has changed between the two.

Lee Kang and Moon Cha-young remained in each other’s memories as they met in childhood. Moon Cha-young recognized her first love, “Peter Pan” boy Lee Kang, but Lee Kang could not remember. Knowing that Lee Kang left for Libya was killed in an explosion, Moon Cha-young became a lover of Lee Kang’s best friend, Kwon Min-sung (played by Yoo Tae-oh) and left to Greece as she faltered in Lee Kang’s returning. But Lee Kang heads to Greece to fulfill the last wish of his best friend. There they reunited.

It’s so pathetic because it can’t be predicted how the intertwined relationship between Lee Kang and Moon Cha-young will be unfolding.

“Chocolate” producing crew said, “There are still undisclosed stories in Lee Kang and Moon Cha-young’s long-standing relationship. In the third episode, two deeper emotions will accumulate along with the hidden story of Lee Kang and Moon Cha-young. He added “Let’s see how the relationship between Lee and Moon Cha-young reunited in a misunderstanding will be met.”

Meanwhile, the third episode of JTBC’s “Chocolate” will be broadcast today(6th) at 10:50.

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