EXO’s 6 members appeared on ‘Radio Star’

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‘Radio Star’ feature ‘EXO-class’ has been released.

On December 4, MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ appeared EXO.

Chen was the special MC on the day. As guests, EXO’s leader Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, and the youngest Sehun also joined

EXO announced the comeback by presenting 4MC’s their new album.

Suho drew attention by revealing his abs at the request of Kim Kuk-jin. While Baek Hyun was embarrassed, “It hasn’t been in 5 minutes,” Chan-yeol said with pulling over his clothes “Originally, this should be done by others rather than doing it in person.” Suho opened up his talk with his hot muscles open.

Subsequently, Baekhyun’s voval mimicry and Kai’s spinning skill were revealed. Kai said, “I played ballet when I was young,” and showed eight turns in a row and jumped, showing two and a half turns. He continued, “I really wonder if I did it somewhere else, people were surprised. But the reaction here is not that cool.” He was embarrassed by the dry response of the MCs and laughed.

Chanyeol, on the other hand, said that Chen’s performance as a special MC is not expected at all. Chan-yeol said, “Chen is too good and serious, so he’ll be attacked by members on the contrary.”

Sehun said, “Suho is very interested in entertainment programs” and told that Suho had greedy Chen. Then the MCs asked, “Did you feel sad?” Suho said “I thought it was wrong. Why is Chen here?”

Since then, EXO members introduced the concept of the 6th regular albums. Explaining the concept that EXO fights between good EXO and Billen EXO, Kim Gura pointed out, “Let’s do a talk show today with a Billen version.”

Then Kai remarked, “When we debuted, the members had super powers one by one. Kai confessed that “the regular repertoire is a request to show psychic powers. But it was hard to show that we don’t’ have.”

Meanwhile, news that EXO’s current importers are Suho and Baekhyun are reported. Suho explained. They tell each other that they earn a lot. Why? A lot of earners have to buy.”

Suho added, “Baekhyun actually showed statistics. Solo album sales 500,000 copies.” At the same time, he confessed as a source of income and said, “I did musicals and movies. I have worked very hard.”

In addition, Kai acts as an ambassador of luxury brands, and Chanyeol has confessed that he has a personal income with investment. In particular, Chanyeol confessed, “In fact, I became a landlord two months ago. At that time my mind was very relaxed and laid down a lot.”

The members of group EXO as well earned a lot of spend. Chanyeol calculated the price of all EXO’s meals and gave a laptop to all the members. Listening to this, Kim Gura admired, “You kill each other a lot of money.”

Baekhyun, on the other hand, was surprised to say that he spent only 150,000 won a month, even though his spending was very low. He usually doesn’t go outside and buy something. Nevertheless, he confessed to his family that his wallet was wide open.

Later, Kim asked, “How do you pick a leader?” Suho proved to be a powerless leader in EXO. Baekhyun said, “I think I’m the most neutral person. He comes from a good family, also. “

Kai replied, “It’s important.” Chanyeol replied, “I went his home, and it was good.” Kai added, “My puppy has been alive for a long time.” Ahn Young-mi said, “It wants to live more at home.”

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