Gong Yoo was invited to the 1st guest on Lee Dong-wook’s ’Because I Want To Talk’

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Lee Dong-wook’s talk show ‘Because I want to talk’ unveiled.

SBS’s new entertainment program ‘Because I want to talk’ which was premiered on December 4, is a program that invites viewers to the studio to talk about high-level one-on-one talks.

Unlike traditional studio talk shows, it is an innovative talk show with a variety of configurations, such as natural and real talks shared by guests related to the guest, and comic situation talks that show off agility. The first guest of the day appeared in the drama ‘Goblin’ who shares his best actor who made a good breath with Lee Dong-wook.

Under the burden of the first broadcast, Lee Dong-wook led the talk by showing his charm in front of many audiences. Gong Yoo also showed off the entertainment that he had hidden behind his best friend Lee Dong-wook. Particularly in ‘the flex corner proud of myself’, he drew the best laugh. Gong Yoo said “The recently advertised beer has already surpassed our target this summer. It sells 10 bottles a second. ”It was very popular with the audience.” And boasted of pride and was well received by the audience.

“Because I want to talk”, which was broadcasted on that day, saw its highest viewership rate of 8.4% (in terms of households) and 20-49 year olds (Nielsen, Seoul, metropolitan area). The scene with the highest ratings was the moment when Gong Yoo delivered the birthday cake without notice.

He pretends to go to the restroom and prepares Lee Dong-wook’s birthday cake but Gong Yoo was caught by him and the surprise party failed.

 The two then sang a happy birthday song together and Gong Yoo said, “This is my first time doing this with two men.” Also, he celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut, making a joke “You have done it for a long time.”

Lee Dong-wook and Gong Yoo’s talk, who were good with their two shots, showed an immersion that made the hour and minute to audience and viewers. The talks of Lee Dong-wook and Gong Yoo, who are not finished yet, will be broadcast at 10 p.m. on Wednesday the 11th.

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