Sung Si-kyung and IU collaborated in nine years …

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Singer Sung Si-kyung returns with winter ballad. Together with a strong partner IU.

Sung Si-kyung’s agency announced “Singer IU joined in the new digital single Sung Si-kyung’s ‘Because it’s the first winter’ to be released on December 9.”

Sung Si-kyung and IU worked together in 2010 on the song “It’s You,” making this their first collaboration in over nine years.

Those who have continued their musical exchanges as senior and junior artists have come to the forefront with new songs and foresee the strongest synergy.

The collaboration between Sung Si-kyung, who is loved by all ages through mega hits such as ‘(Though) It would be nice’, ‘Two People,’ and ‘On the Street’ and IU right on top music charts with her 5th mini album ‘Love Poem’ released last month after the end of tvN ‘Hotel Del Luna’, it shakes the music fan with just the meeting itself.

Sung Si-kyung’s upcoming single is a new song that will be released in about a year and seven months after the release of “Eternally” released in May last year. Seong Si-kyung’s ballad, which makes the fans absorb winter sensibility, will continue the reputation of ‘Seongbala (Sung Si-kyung + Ballad)’.

Sung Si-kyung’s mega hits such as ‘Like the Beginning’, ‘The Road To Me’, ‘We Make A Good Pair’, ‘You Touched My Heart, ‘Though It would be nice’, ‘Two people’, ‘Live well’, ‘On the Street’ have been loved by all ages, and he is showing a steady track of music through the drama OST song and various project albums.

Sung Si-kyung and IU’s duet ‘Because it’s the first winter’ is released through online sources before coming site at 6:00 pm upcoming Tuesday(9th). Afterwards, Sung Si-kyung will hold ‘2019 Sung Si-kyung Song Encore Concert at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul on the 20th and 21st.

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