“Wanna One were manipulated also… Kim Jong-hyun, the dropout member? [MK Issue]

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

All of the Mnet’s Produce Series under suspicion of live voting were found to have been manipulated, and it was confirmed that some members of the group Wanna One, which was created through Season 2, were selected for manipulation.

According to the arraignment filed by the prosecution on December 5, Kim Yong-bum, who was in a prime charge of production of the ‘Produce’ series, manipulated the number of A trainees in the `Produce 101 Season 2’ online and live voting in 2017.

Trainee A was included in the top 11 final debut team, but the prosecution found that he was pushed out of the 11th place by manipulation. Kim Yong-beom CP was reported to send the manipulated results to the broadcast after raising the rank of trainee B who were only 11th in the debut group.

As a result, trainee A was eliminated from the debut group and B trained as a Wanna One member.

Ahn Joon-young, who directed ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, was found to have changed the pass and dropouts by manipulating the rank at the time of the first dropout decision. PD Ahn Joon-young was found to have manipulated the rankings by randomly changing the voting results during the first dropout decision process.

The two reportedly manipulated voting in IZ*ONE and X1. According to the prosecution’s arraignment, they decided to predetermine 12 trainees who will debut before the broadcast, as the results of the season 3 final debut team’s pre-online voting did not come as they wanted. In the fourth season, they manipulated the rankings of the 11 final debut groups.

The allegations were received by entertainment companies. Ahn PD was reported to have been entertained a total of 46,830,000 won of liquor 47 times from entertainment companies in January from July last year to July this year.

Wanna One is a group that was born during ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 and debuted in August 2017, and is a hotly loved team until the end of project activities on December 31, 2018.

 Kang Daniel, Park Ji-hoon, Lee Dae-hui, Kim Jae-hwan, Ong Sung-woo, Park Woo-jin, Rai Kwan-lin, Yoon Ji-sung, Hwang Min-hyun, Bae Jin-young and Ha Sung-woon, who were all selected as the final debut group and have continued their popularity as a solo after the project team departed.

Since the group Wanna One was already ended and departed, they had been watching the “PewDue” incident one step behind, but Season 2 also became disgraced lately as it revealed that there were members selected for their debut group through manipulation. Kim Jong-hyun, a trainee who was unexpectedly dropped out of the program at the time, comes to mind.

Kim Jong-hyun is currently a member JR of the group N’UEST.

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