“Knowing Bros” Xiumin & D.O. became chatty person in the military

[Maeil Business Star Today Seok Hoon-chul]

EXO members revealed that Xiumin and D.O. changed their lives after the military service.

JTBC’s entertainment program ‘Knowing Bros’, which aired on the December 7, depicted EXO who visited brothers’ school as transfer students.

Chanyeol said, “Xiumin talks more than we in the group chat.” KAI added “I was unable to attend when Xiumin went to the army”

 He said, “I didn’t know how often. Xiumin is contact with me all week. So I’m coming all week. So ignore him lately.”

Chanyeol said, “When we decided for the title song of the new album, D.O. expressed his opinion that ‘I like 3 but I think 2 is fine.” But Chanyeol ended “But we chose number one as the title song”.

While ‘Knowing Bros’ is a variety program that aims to play all the world’s games to lose our mind and to trust our instinct at brothers’ school every Saturday at 9:00 pm.

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