Suzy, quiet donation again… Warm sharing action

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economic Star]

Singer and actress Suzy (real name Bae Soo-ji) made a quiet donation without even knowing the agency.

According to the Life Sharing Headquarters on June 6, Suzy recently donated 15 million won for the underprivileged family. Suzy’s donation was distributed to 200 households including the elderly living alone and disabled families in the form of necessities such as duvets and cup noodles.

Suzy has been making steady contributions each year for difficult neighbors.

In 2015, she joined the Honor Society, the largest donor group, with more than 100 million won as the 791st member, and shows hundreds of millions of donations every year.

In October, Suzy contributed 100 million won to the Life Sharing Practice Headquarters, and previously delivered 100 million won to the Goseong wildfire situation in Gangwon-do.

Even during the Sewol ferry crisis, the anonymous donation made a topic late.

Suzy appeared in the recently run SBS drama “Baga Bond”.

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