Ahn Jae-hong & Kang So-ra’s New Year Comic film “I Won’t Hurt You”

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16 still photos of the upcoming comedy film in 2020 “I Won’t Hurt You” was released.

“I Won’t Hurt You” is a work that is expected to meet with the producer of the comic film ‘Extreme Job’, which attracted 16.2 million viewers this year, and the director Jae-Gon Son, ‘My Scary Girl’ and ‘Villain and Widow’. “I Won’t Hurt You” is a story about saving a zoo with a lawyer named Tae-soo (Ahn Jae-hong) who is appointed director of a zoo that’s about to shut down and the employees who pretend to be animals in the place of the animals that have been sold off. And the movie depicts the extra ordinary mission of the employees who worked as animals instead of sold animals.

The 16 kinds of press photos were opened today (9th) to stimulate the curiosity of the prospective audience.

 In particular, the performance of one-person and two-way characters across animals and people caught the eyes.

Tae-soo, a living probation lawyer, has been appointed as the new director of Dongsan Park. He burns enthusiasm to save the zoo on the brink of ruin, with no guests and animals, but he is squeezed by the struggling of the park’s employees who are obsessed with his proposal and eventually participate in it for their own reasons.

From Gunwook(Kim Sung-oh) practicing gorilla pose in squat position, a veterinarian (Gang So-ra) who is eager to practice quadruped walking to become a lion, a zookeeper who hangs on a pole to become a sloth(Jeon Yeobin), ex-director(Park Young-kyu), who tries to make a missing giraffe appear alive, and finally to the new director Tae-soo, who pretend to be a polar bear… Seeing the laughter of those who try to perform the extraordinary mission makes audience laugh.

Indeed, five people in the Dongsan park will amplify their curiosity about whether the mission can be successful without being noticed by the visitors. The upcoming film ‘I Won’t Hurt You’ will be released on January 15 in 2020.

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