Cosmetics At throwing away the eye shadow: When Can you say goodbye?


I’m Girl in the room(방구석소녀)

I have been in great trouble recently…

As I am getting ready to move right away

I’m finding I have too much luggage​.

So I’m trying to practice abandonment…

I don’t know what you’re talking about.
That’s too much. ㅜㅡㅜ

1. Throw away cosmetic

I brought the eye shadow edition;

When I took a picture, I realized again how beautiful it was and wanted to

Rock it again.

CANMAKE eye shadow​

CANMAKE is a brand I really liked from my early 20s

Now my preferences have changed but the Japanese sister model, which was the main model, was the one I really liked.

The colors are not too loud for beginners so they’re good  CANMAKE shadows to start with.​

Personally, I believe Japanese drugstore products have many pearls in eyeshadow

It was different from my typeㅜㅡㅜ

I bought it when I went to Japan because I thought it was pretty.

I bought it and collected it when I went to Thailand…

I am thinking of throwing it away with little use​.

ETUDEHOUSE eye shadow

ETUDEHOUSE is considered to be a representative Korean road shop brand that is truly loved all over the world.:)

In the princess princess atmosphere

The young students seemed to have used it a lot.​

Sometimes there are a lot of good items, so I really love it​

That palette is my real eye shadow initiation palette.
I loved it so well that it’s not too much to say.​

I hate to throw it away,

But It’s a bit old, so I took it out to throw it away.


Along with ETUDE HOUSE, ARITAUM MONO EYES is considered the single shadow most used by beginners of eye makeup.

 ARITAUM was in the neighborhood of a house that I lived in Korea and you could get a 1 + 1 or 50% discount without thinking about life ​

I think I just went and picked it up one by one.;;;

I do a lot of impulse buying of products when I go shopping;

Recently, when I mainly used eye shadow palette products, single shadows are no longer something I use. ​

I’m gonna kick your ass and throw them away.
I took it out. ㅜㅡㅜ

But now I’m looking at these beautiful kits.
It’s coming in. ….

SECRET KEY eye shadow

I got a lot of beautiful products at the beginning of the beauty blog

It’s the first chicory brand I’ve ever met.

Pretty, caustic products.

There was a lot.​

But I don’t know what I’ve already had.
There’s a lot of kits with similar colors.

It’s pretty old. It’s a little bit of color.
There’s a lot of kits I miss.​

This time, I’m going to clean up some old cosmetics.
I tried to throw it out!​

Bbia eye shadow

One person who really likes the Pia brand.
Strangely, the eye shadow doesn’t go much!

For your information, I think eye makeup is a real dung hand.;;

​ It’s a little eye-catching.

I bought some eye shadows to try…

It’s not like that. It’s just… As time goes by

I’m afraid I’m gonna have to throw it away.
I took it out. ​

Innisfree eye shadow

Innisfree is also near the house

I shopped a lot on my way home.​

So, like ARITAUM, you know, impulse-purchased.
There are many colors…​

Why would I buy that color?

I’ve wondered a lot about this as I took the photo. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Of the Innisfree eye shadows,
There are a lot of useful kits.​

I’m just picking out colors that I don’t think I’m gonna use.
I took it out to throw it away.

THE FACESHOP Single Shadow

Famous but

Blindly mountains

The colors that don’t suit me are bright.

A representative of Mac soba …

I am not Han Ye Seul sister …

Incorrect shadow shadow

The eyes look black and swollenㅜㅡㅜ

Cookie Brown used it very well

Looks like toast is really rare

Goodbye as a new giant.

Honestly, when I’m still going to use it

90% but …

I’ll throw it away so I won’t fill it up.

Willing to say goodbye to bold.​


And other miscellaneous items eyeshadows.​

I buy impulse colors

There is a child who has lived in a class watching a famous Youtube video.​

Over gorgeous;

​ With blusher or lip rather than eye makeup

I don’t have any confidence in digesting

Goodbye cosmetics …

If you take it out, it’s pretty good …

They are like children who are abandoned by their owners

Sorry !!!!​

Innisfree NO-SEBUM Mineral pact

I’m having fun taking pictures in portrait mode these days.

I often take pictures in portrait mode

This color is pretty but the letters are transferred to the computer

It is often shaken and broken !!​

It’s been quite a while

It’s ambiguous to retake it

Please understand :)​

I’m the one who doesn’t use powder well

After taking some base makeup lessons

Hold the base meticulously

Powder treatment is messy like before

I didn’t.​

So after a long time, Innisfree No Sebum

I try to use it out;

I don’t know if it’s old

I took it out to throw it away.

My skin is precious !!!!​

Anyway, I started moving like this

Throw away the cosmetics you have prepared in a hurry

Eyeshadow side is over 🙂

Eyeshadows are not good at eye makeup

I thought it would be easy to throw it away.

Also, when you think about the first time you bought these

It’s not easy to say goodbye​

I’m going to throw away lipstick soon

I’m thinking …

The bather is a girl

Can you succeed in discarding cosmetics?

Then with today’s gourmet gloss cosmetics

Goodbye farewell story here 🙂

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