JYP stated official position about Jihyo’s injury & Nayeon stalking

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The girl group TWICE complained about the pain of chaotic airport photography and stalking, and their agency responded with a hard line.

JYP Entertainment on December 8th officially banned ‘Following the artist after the airport immigration screening’ is officially prohibited under the blacklist regulations, and if it is violated, it will not be possible to participate in public broadcasting and all other activities.

This is due to TWICE member Jihyo’s injury at the airport. While TWICE entered through Gimpo International Airport after completing the overseas schedule, the airport was filled with the fans and reporters, and Jihyo fell and was injured due to a disorderly photography.

Jihyo moved to the vehicle with the support of the next member Chaeyoung and Sana, but it was reported that she finally showed tears.

TWICE member Jung-yeon also asked the fans to refrain from from doing it themselves. Jungyeon said on TWICE’s official Instagram, “We arrived in Korea well ~ Thank you for coming to the airport! I hope everyone will be careful not to get injured~ The weather is very cold, but be careful of the cold ”.

But a day after the news of Jihyo’s injury, another notice came up. This seems to be a notice about TWICE member Nayeon’s stalker. Recently, an online community has posted a story about Nayeon’s suffering from a stalker. According to the post, a man is stalking Nayeon by the delusion that he is dating Nayeon.

In this regard, JYP Entertainment announced “We are aware of the contents of the remarks and issues that are allegedly known as stalking through SNS and the community.”

“We are looking for available legal action, and we plan to take protective action against the artist. We would like to ask you to actively report on this matter and take the best steps to ensure the safety of the artist. ”

While TWICE member Mina announced in August that she would stop her activities due to extreme psychological tension and anxiety, Jihyo and Nayeon were reportedly suffering from disordered airport photography and stalking, raising concerns about the health and safety of their members.

Meanwhile, TWICE is on a world tour of ‘TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019’ TWICELIGHTS ‘.

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