Park Jung-min & Jung Hae-in aim at the year-end theater with ‘START-UP’

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Park Jung-min & Jung Hae-in are aiming for the theater at the end of the year with a ‘START-UP’ that feels for humanity.

The movie ‘START-UP’ premiere and press conference were held at the Lotte Cinema Konkuk University entrance in Seoul on the afternoon of the 10th. Dierector Choi Jung-yeol, actor Park Jung-min and Jung Hae-jeong, Yeom Jeung-ah, Choi Sung-eun, and Yoon Kyung-ho attended. Ma Dong-suk was absent because he was staying overseas shooting Marvel Studios’ Eternals.

‘START-UP’ portrays a delightful story of rebellious teenager Taek-il who met a mysterious short-haired chef, Geoseok-hyeong (Ma Dong-seok), and an indulgent rebel full of passion, Sang-pil(Jung Hae-in) taste the real world.

Park Jung-min said, “When Ma Dong-seok came to the site of shooting, he is so reliable person that I really feel comfortable. I can trust him and just act in front of camera.”

Park Jung-min, who played the role of rebellious teenager Taek-il, explained “We tried to exclude the unpleasant image that comes to mind when you think of bad teenagers. I thought that I could reach ‘START-UP’ only if I tried to look lovely.”

Jung Hae-in, who acted enthusiastil Sang-pil, said “When I read the ‘START-UP’ scenario, I feel the full of humanity from it, and I also wanted to do a work that gives warm energy. I also got back a lot of energy from the director and the actors who worked with me. ”

Yeom Jung-ah, who played Taek-il’s mother, said “Taek-il was her only family. She tried to play a truly mother-like presence whom he always misses and cares about though he is a wandering teenager.”

Director Choi Jung-yeol said, “I didn’t mean that you have to find a job that suits yourself. I just wanted to tell you that it’s fine whatever job it was. I hope you find something that suits yourself through movies.”

“Whatever it was, I wanted to do something good. I wanted to go back and start-up again.”

Jung Hae-in ended “I hope it would be a small gift for those who have struggled hard in 2019.”

‘START-UP’ will be released on December the 18th.

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