Park Seo-joon’s YouTube channel got hacked into…

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Actor Park Seo-joon suffered from his personal YouTube channel hacked.

On the 10th, Park Seo-joon said on his Instagram, “I feel sorry for losing my memories. I hope that there will be no secondary damage for this.”

The released photo shows the official position of Park Seo-joon’s Awesome ENT.

The agency stated, “On the morning of December 9, we detected activities that seem to have been hacked, such as blocking access to administrators and deleting posts, on our personal YouTube channel.” “We immediately requested youtube recovery and actions for hacking damage.

And the agency added “We will formally request the cybercrime to investigate, and we will inform you that the Record PARK’s channel will be suspended until we can know the full extent of the damage caused by this hacking.”

Meanwhile, Park Seo-joon opened a YouTube channel last July and communicated with the fans. Park Seo-joon will appear in JTBC’s new drama ‘Itaewon Class’, which will be broadcast next year.

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Hello, this is Awesome Ent..

On the 9th, we detected activity that appears to have been hacked on Park Seo-joon’s personal YouTube channel, such as blocking administrator access and deleting posts. We immediately requested the repair and action of hacking damage to YouTube headquarters.

In addition, we will formally request cybercrime investigations for illegal acts that create anxiety, and we will notify you that the ‘Record PARK ’s’ channel will be shut down until we can pinpoint the damage.

We are sorry to have worried the subscribers and the fans who love Park Seo-joon and we will do our best to speed up recovery.

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