Tiffany’s frank story about solo life on ‘People Are Great'(ft. with staffs)

[Maeil Business Star Today Seo Ji-kyung]

Tiffany showed her growth as a solo singer on MBC’s ‘Human Documentary : Good People Are Great’.

Through MBC’s current issue/culture program “People are Great” Tiffany headed the stage as a director as well as a performer ahead of the solo stage.

Tiffany tuned everything, lighting and sound, before the evening stage. Tiffany explained, “I come to the venue on the day of each performance and watch the stage in person and adjust the stage distance, lighting, and stage setup, and so on.”

She continued “The size of each stage is different, so it needs to match the choreographed composition with the movement quickly.” “Fortunately, I gained a lot experiences from the Girs’ generation.”

“The music changes with a single light, depending on when you change the light and what percentage of it goes in.” Tiffany explained “I’m learning very carefully how emotions vary depending on where the sound comes from. I’m getting more and more meticulous as a performer.”

The dancer who works with Tiffany praised her “I care about her work a lot” and said, “She is not just a singer, but artist who cares everything like stage facilities, costumes, makeup and choreography” The dancer added, “It’s a dream to work with her.”

The makeup artist who works with Tiffany also praised her saying, “Tiffany allows me to do what I want and to think about ideas together.”

Tiffany’s performance was sold out on this day. Tiffany couldn’t hide the joy of sold-out and screamed and liked it as a child. Tiffany successfully finished the performance leading the stage like a Girls’ Generation member.

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