‘Hot Stove League’ → ‘Doctor Romantic 2’… Nam Goong-min & Han Suk-kyu

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The lineup of SBS winter dramas is hot.

‘Hot Stove League’ following up Fri./Sat. drama ‘VAGABOND’, and ‘Doctor Romantic 2’, which is a follow-up to ‘VIP’ which successfully settled the Mon./Tues. drama, raise expectations. The drama ‘Hot Stove Leauge’, which is scheduled for the first broadcast on December 13 at 10 pm, will announce the start of the winter drama, followed by ‘Doctor Romantic 2’ on January 6 next year.

The both dramas just chosen by Nam Goong-min and Han Suk-kyu creates strong expectations for ‘Hot Stove League’ and ‘Doctor Romantic 2’. Both actors are known for their sharp batting eyes and excellent character digestion. The actor Nam Goong-min has a proud record of all wins and no defeats for the ratings as well as the message that the drama delivers meaningful message. It is expected to be able to believe and see the works that Nam Goongmin chose in the drama as he succeeded in many revious works such as ‘Remember’, ‘Good Manager’, ‘Distorted’, ‘Doctor Prisoner’

Han Suk-kyu, one of the best actors, is the only actor who can give a strong presence to the play and grasp the center just by appearing. ‘Doctor Romantic 2 led by him, was already recognized for his success and warm story in season 1, and had a huge fan base waiting for season 2 before planning. It is the reason why viewers are already waiting before the characters of Nam Goong-min and Han Suk-kyu to create again.

<About “leader” and “values we lost” we’ve been waiting for>

‘Hot Stove League’ and ‘Doctor Romantic 2’ will show us the values ​​we aspire to. First, ‘Hot Stove League’, which embodies the ‘Korean Moneyball’, contains the value of a true leader who prepares a new season for a team whose fans already gave up.

Manager Baek Seung-soo(Nam Goong-min) will show the epitome of “the leader we’ve been waiting for” by breaking through the wrong system, absurdity, and bad habits and changing the rotten organization. In this process, he provides deep insights and delightfulness to the realities of society for us who are inflamed by the wrong organization.

‘Doctor Romantic 2’ is a story about a real doctor in the background of the local shabby Doldam hospital and portrays that when the second year of surgical fellows meet a geeky genius ‘Doctor Kim’ who was once called the Hands of God, and learns about the real romance in life.

Especially in this sequel Seo Woojin(Hyo-seop Ahn) and Cha Eun-jae(Lee Sung-kyung) meet Dr. Kim and as they grows up and present comfort and romance to all immature adults represented by them.

Two SBS dramas, “Hot Stove League” and “Doctor Romantic 2”, which gives viewers’ heart warmth in cold winter. The premiere of the SBS Fri./Sat. drama ‘Hot Stove League’ is on December 13 at 10 pm.

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