Ihwa-dong Mural Village

Located near Naksan Park, the colorful and unique murals drawn on the road, shops, houses, walls under the bridge, stairs, and house meters are exciting just by looking at them. There are a wide range of works regardless of genre, and there are some works of art besides murals. Since there are several writers, you can enjoy pictures with different tastes. There is also a guide map, but there are ways to enjoy murals while walking as you like.

A unique mural.

There is also such a cute mural.

The feather mural and the flower paintings on the stairs are famous.

This is exactly photogenic.

Create a lot of memories of your overseas trips with your photos.

Be sure to observe the following precautions when taking a walk so as not to inconvenience the residents.

Speak quietly and be careful not to make to much noise.

Be sure to take your garbage with you and throw it away elsewhere.

Do not block the roadway.

There are restaurants, cafes and parks in the surrounding area, so if you are hungry or tired from walking, you may want to stop by.

Access >>>

Take Subway Line 4 Hefa (Hyehwa 420 / 혜화) Station Exit 2 and turn left immediately, pass Marronnier Park and go straight to Naksan Park. If you hit the park, go right and follow the ramparts. About 15 minutes on foot.

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