Insa-dong 인사동

Insa-dong is a traditional fragrant art town with calligraphy and antiques. Traditional crafts and traditional teahouses gather on the main street of Insa-dong, and there is a Korean restaurant and pub where you can drink makgeolli.

Ssamji-gil 쌈지길

This is a “traditional craft shopping mall” with a new feel, where each floor of the building is called a “path” and there are many nice shops on the side! There are various types of shops on each path, including traditional craft shops, souvenir shops, galleries, restaurants, and cafes. The building itself is interesting, and the interior is simple, but the work itself has been art-finished!

Insadong has a variety of shops that are perfect for buying souvenirs. There are many items sold as a set, and you can buy them cheaper than at the airport or convenience store. There are various souvenirs that let you feel Korean cultures, such as colorfully colored Korean pen cases, traditional Korean drum straps, and crafts made of Korean paper. Why do not you look for various things while taking a walk in the town of Insa-dong?

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Subway Line 3 Anguk Station Exit 6 / Subway Line 1 Jonggak Station Exit 3 / Subway Line 1 Jongno 3ga Station Exit 1

5 minutes on foot from Anguk Station / Jonggak Station, 7 minutes on foot from Jongno 3ga Station

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