Itaewon Street

Itaewon has long developed as a shopping street for foreigners,

and Recently, Gyeongridan street and Hannam-dong, where restaurants and cafes are gathered, are also popular as new places for Itaewon.

Itaewon Street 

Itaewon Street is near the 8th U.S. Army Yongsan Base and the Islamic Seoul Central Seine (mosque),

It is a popular place as a stylish street full of exoticism that is a bit different from other areas in Seoul.

This area is all cool and exotic.

Most of them are restaurants or cafes,

Without entering the store Just taking a picture while watching it. It was fun to watch.

I am overwhelmed by the world view as if I came to another country other than Korea.

I’m excited just walking.

The back street of “Hamilton Hotel” in Itaewon is a gourmet street with many famous restaurants serving delicious dishes from around the world. There is a popular bistro where you can enjoy French home cooking, a famous Greek restaurant where the only Greek chef works in Korea, and a restaurant where you can enjoy Mexican cuisine in an exotic atmosphere.

And also there are several unique clothes shops along the back street, making it an ideal area for shopping.

Access >>>

Subway line No. 6 walks 4 minutes from Taewon Station Exit 2.

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