Joo Sang-wook and Kim Bo-ra “ Touch ” and “ Five Colors, Five People ” Poster.

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economic Star]

Channel A’s new gold drama “ Touch ” released a character poster.

Touch, which is about to be broadcast on January 3, 2020 (played by Ahn Ho-kyung / directed Min Yeon-hong) December 11. The five-character posters of Joo Sang-wook, Kim Bo-ra, Lee Tae-hwan, Handa-gam, and Byun Jung-soo have been released.

‘Touch’ is a super close-up beauty romance where a make-up artist who is a debtor unemployed and a trainee who fails to make an idol’s debut finds a new dream.

The open character poster contains the characteristics of characters with distinctive personalities as well as various colors, which stimulates the curiosity of prospective viewers.

First of all, Ju Sang-wook, the leading makeup artist, ‘Cha Jung-hyuk’, attracts attention. Holding a makeup brush that looks like an alter ego in a blue background, he is already excited about his acting transformation by exposing the charisma of perfectionist Cha Jung-hyuk with the phrase, “Everyone will be born again with one touch.”

‘Han Soo-yeon’, played by Kim Bora, is a character who challenges the new dream of being a makeup artist in the 10-year idol trainee. The pink-toned poster that maximizes the lovely charm is close to the hopeful message and the bright smile of Kim Bora. There is a growing interest in her appearance, which will show her bright and positive charm.

Lee Tae-hwan, who plays the role of top star ‘Kang Do-jin’, shows off a refreshing boy’s beauty based on fresh green color. He is always driving hot issues, but in front of my woman, I express pure and thorough characters.

In addition, the appearance of Handa-gam, who will star in the top class actress ‘Baek Ji-yun’, also attracts attention. The picture of Handa-gam in the orange-colored poster raises expectations even more by expressing ‘Baek Ji-yun’, who lives a breathtaking life with scars hidden in splendor.

Lastly, Byun Jung-soo, who expresses the eight-colored charm “Oshi Eun” with an intense purple color, is paying attention to Byun Jung-soo’s acting, which exudes provocative fascination and adds tension to the drama with a unique character.

 ‘Touch’ is going to add a lot of fun to the feast of various characters by building actor lineups with their own unique colors with the acting power of Ju Sang-wook, Kim Bo-ra, Lee Tae-hwan, Handa-gam, and Byun Jung-su.

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