Kim Junsu appeared at ‘Mister Trot’ in 10 years

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Kim Junsu, who joined the TV Chosun’s “Mister Trot” as a new judge, destroyed the scene with his outstanding entertaining talents, which is hard to believe that it was appearance after 10 years.

As the follow-up to ‘Miss Trot’, Tomorrow’s ‘Mister Trot'(hereinafter referred to as ‘Mister Trot’), which will be broadcast in January next year, is audition show with a new concept that will create the next generation Trot-Man that will lead the second trot heyday in Korea in 2019..

Kim Junsu, who has attracted much attention by joining the ‘Mister Trot’, is drawing attention as he is transformed from a musical prince to a trot master. Kim Jun-su, who added the meaning with the appearance of the entertainment program after 10 years, showed his nervous appearance by taking a long breath and breathing deeply until the recording.

However, when Kim Junsu began recording in full, his previous nervousness disappeared and he showed himself as a jolly man. As host Kim Seong-ju’s improvisation request, he stood up and sang the ‘musical number’ without hesitation and when an encouraging participant appeared, he improvisedly danced together, watched a great performance, and clasped the seal without rest

He sang along with the participant as well. The judges who were with this said, “Kim Junsu has the talent for the Trot. What about challenging for this Trot audition? ”

When a participant called ‘Kim Junsu Wannabe’ appeared, he was happy to come up the stage and hugged him, showing his powerful singing and made an instant duet stage. Participants admired “It’s a great performance you can’t have never seen.”

Kim Junsu showed the professional vocal knowledge as the best vocalist. He gave sincere advice to participants suffering from voice changing, saying “It’s best not to speak.” He also encouraged an entry with the praise of “the best feelings I have ever seen.” Indeed, the trot rookie that surprised Kim Junsu, who is known as the musical prince, raises the curiosity.

The production staff said, “Kim Junsu enjoyed the trot stage more excitedly than anyone, even though it was an entertainment appearance after 10 years, and he was really excited at the scene.” “You will find another new face of Kim Junsu.”

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