Oh Chang-seok to hold year-end fan meeting … no matter how busy “Fans come First”

[Daily Economic Star Today Seong Jung Eun reporter]

Actor Oh Chang-suk communicates with fans through a busy year-end fan meeting.

On November 11, Oh Chang-seok, a PF company, said, “Actor Oh Chang-suk will hold a fan meeting at SAC Arirang Art Hall, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on July 22 at 7 pm.”

Despite his busy schedule of dramas, movies, musicals, and entertainment, he was willing to spend time for fan meetings. Oh Chang-seok said, “Meeting with fans is a place to express gratitude for the fans who always support them and share their joys at the same time.” ‘No matter how busy I am, communication with fans is an important part of my schedule. Showed the posture.’

In the recently popular KBS2 daily drama ‘Season of the Sun’, he plays roles of Oh Tae Yang. In ‘Eye of the Dawn’, he will play the role of the main character and show off the versatile charm of Oh Chang-suk including dance, acting, and singing.

Oh Chang-seok also announced the news of ‘Fan Meeting’ through his Instagram, “I hope more fans will be able to share the warm energy at the end of the year. I’llhave fun and get meaning. ”

Tickets for ‘Oh Chang-seok’s Year-end Fan Meeting’, which can be seen through various programs such as frank talkback talk and various events with fans, can be purchased through the Melon ticket.

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