“ One night ” IZ*ONE official “members, only worked hard for a year …”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

Due to the controversy over the manipulation of the ‘Produce’ exhibition, the status of group X1 and IZ*ONE, who are inactive, were revealed.

Controversy over the manipulation of the exhibition season of the Mnet audition program, ‘Produce’, spread in the SBS entertainment program “Full Entertainment Midnight” broadcasted on the 10th.

MC Kim Yoon-sang announcer said, “Produce 48” and “Produce X 101,” which were suspected of replacing one or two members from the beginning, turned out to be the fabricated dramas that started with all members selected from the beginning.” “Even the crew found out that they received up to 100 million entertainment from the agency for the manipulation.”

The broadcaster contacted the officials of X1 and IZ*ONE. When asked about the plan, he said, “We have nothing to say yet.”

“We don’t do anything now. I think I can see how the results come out,” Company said carefully. The Japanese members were in Korea, saying, “We just stopped the activity. It was just before the album was released. The members-only worked hard for a year.”

Meanwhile, ‘Produce’ has been suspected of manipulating the results of viewers’ paid text voting in favor of specific candidates in seasons 1-4, which aired since 2016. Produce producers Ahn Jun-young and Kim Yong-beom have been arrested on charges of disruption and fraud. In addition, Assistant Aunt PD was accused of accusations such as Ahn Jun-young, and five employees of entertainment companies were accused of violating the breach of trust, breach of trust, and anti-trust laws. The first trial preparation date will be held in the Seoul Central District Court on the 20th.

Photo | SBS broadcast screen capture

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