‘AB6IX → BUMKEY all called out… BRANDNEW MUSIC Released New Project Single Today (12th)

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BRANDNEW MUSIC’s year-end label project single ‘BRANDNEW YEAR 2019’ DO THAT BRANDNEW THING ‘will be released today (12th).

BRANDNEW MUSIC announced the release of ‘BRANDNEW Year 2019’ on the 10th and 11th through official SNS channels with teaser videos and photos of the double title song ‘MELTING’ and ‘LOOK GOOD’. The year-end party-like photos and videos packed with various charms from participating artists BUMKEY, Yang Da Il, AB6IX, and BDC have raised the fans’ expectations for the single.

The first track of ‘Brand New Year 2019’ ‘MELTING’ is an exciting dance pop genre with KANTO, AB6IX, Kang Min-hee, YO Dayoung, and BDC. Lee Dae-hee from AB6IX composed, wrote, produced and directed the song. BRADNEW Music’s all-around rapper KANTO and BDC’s leader Kim Si-hoon participated in the lyrics and rap making, adding various colors.

The 2nd Track ‘LOOK GOOD’ is a hip-hop R&B song that concludes this year and celebrates a new year, and helps each other to be strong, is produced by veteran rapper and producer Eluphant’s Kebee, and BUMKEY, Yang Da Il, Kebee, KANTO, KittB, GREE, Yenjamin, and Vincent Blue’s flexibly captures the various tones to enhance the song.

It is said that BRANDNEW Music will donate to disadvantaged youths all the profit from the family concert ‘BRANDNew Year 2019’ of the same name, which is held on the 14th. The upcoming single ‘BRANDNEW YEAR 2019 ‘DO THAT BRANDNEW THING’ will be available through various online music sites at 6 pm on this day.

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