BTS member V reveals struggle with Sasaengs on flight

[Maeil Business Star Today Shin Young-eun]

BTS member V complained about the behavior of Sasaeng fans who cross the line when it comes to invasions of privacy.

V held a live broadcast titled ‘I’ve been a long time’ on Naver V Live ‘BTS’ channel on December the 15th.

V talked for the BTS “We travel on a charted plane. In fact we also want to take a regular plane, but when we fly long distances or short distances, there are people sitting in front or next seats, knowing we are riding.”

And he added “We can’t comfortably on board, it’s such a private space. We would like for them to stop doing that. It’s really scary.”

In last June, BTS member Jungkook also confessed to the grievance of his fan. He gets the call from unknown number during V Live and said “If it’s from a fan, and you’re calling to see whether it’s the right number, you’re off the line right away”

Meanwhile, Group BTS will appear on the ‘2019 SBS Music Festival’ on the 25th and ‘2019 KBS Song Festival’ on the 26th.

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