Idae Fashion Street

If you are traveling to Korea and want to get cheap and cute fashion items, I would definitely recommend the Idae area.

Located in front of Ewha Women’s University, this area has many female college students, and there are many reasonable and cute items for women.

Because it is a student district, there are many items aimed at younger people, but there are also many items that have an adult-like design.

Even if it is the same item, there are 10000 won in that shop, 15000 won in this shop, etc. The price is different for each shop, so even if you find the item you are interested in, please do not buy it immediately.

There is a possibility that you can purchase products at a reasonable price by going out and entering another store.

By doing so, you can enjoy shopping even more.

Also not only are there clothing stores, but also a lot of general stores and cosmetics stores, so it’s a great place to shop.

Because it is a university street, you can quickly get the current trends of Korean girls.

You can go shopping at Myeongdong, but why not visit the Idae used by local girls and enjoy shopping?

Opening hours >>>

Although it depends on the store, there are many stores that are open from 10:00 to 22:00.

Access >>>

Immediately from Exit 1 of Ewha Woman’s University Station on Subway Line 2

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