“JUICY”, which has stores all over Korea, including Seoul, is a fresh juice specialty store loved by locals.

It is operated exclusively for take-out, and since fresh fruits are used as they are for juice, you can taste the sweetness of the original fruits and it has a reputation for being rich and delicious.

It is also fun to get a new flavored juice depending on the seasonal fruits every season.

You can choose the size, such as M and XL,

The price for the M size is about 2,800 to 3,000 won.

XL is also characterized by a low price of about 3,500 to 4,000 won.


딸기 바나나 쥬스 Strawberry Banana Juice 

Immovable best seller

초코 바나나 쥬스 Chocolate Banana Juice 

Matching sweetness and mellowness

밀키 수박 Milky Watermelon

Three kinds of fruits including watermelon are contained in milk carbonated drinks.

수박 오리지널 Watermelon Original

Plenty of sweet and refreshing watermelons are used.

아메리카노 Americano

Koreans love Americano and drink frequently, so it’s a popular menu here too.

\\ My Favorite Menu //

Avocado banana juice 아보카도바나나쥬스

The compatibility of banana and avocado is outstanding.

It is easy to drink with a mild taste.

Yogurt strawberry banana 요거트딸기바나나

The refreshing yogurt goes well with sweet and sour strawberries and mellow bananas.

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