Kim Feel’s first regular album ‘yours, sincerely’ released

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Singer Kim Feel releases his first debut album.

Kim Feel will release his first regular album ‘yours, sincerely’ including the title song ‘Excuses’ on various music sites at 6 pm on December 13.

The title song ‘Excuses’ is a song in which Kim Feel’s delicate vocals are added to an acoustic guitar. A variety of musical instruments and arrangements in two sections, in contrast to the first section of a minimal musical instrument configuration, maximize the mood of the dynamic song and create a deeper emotion.

It is characterized by poetic words that are constantly chewed over ‘I don’t want to be myself because I sometimes want to contain you’ or ‘I live with my memories’.

Music video where actor Jo Sung-ha starred to support Kim Feel released along with the sound source. Kim Feel also challenges acting and gives off a unique charm.

In addition to the title track, ‘Black’ is the song Choir’s intense sound is overwhelming, which makes listers feel as if they’re listening to Kim Feel’s confession. Kim Feel’s powerful yet sharp voice stands out in the song of folk rock ballad genre ‘Dreamer’. And the album contains ‘Deprivation’, which harmoniously combines waltz rhythm-based Kim Feel’s voice with piano melody, and the ballad song ‘Still You’, which creates a dreamy atmosphere of piano and guitar playing.

In addition, ‘Beautiful Scar’ with a simple bass line that seems to float freely and various guitar tones, and ‘Maybe’ that gives a new impression to Kim Feel’s voice on a trendy beat, with a catchy floc sound. A total of eight songs were recorded, including ‘Pray’, which adds richness to Kim Feel’s vocals while giving a holly feel to the composition.

Kim Feel is going to convey sympathy and comfort to listeners through his first album ‘yours, sincerely’ as a message of greetings to himself, who will read through the past when he was helpless and hurt.

Kim Feel released his first regular album ‘yours, sincerely’ on various music sites at 6 pm on the 13th, and then held the solo concert ‘COLOURS’ at the 100th Anniversary Memorial Hall in Yonsei University, Seoul for 3 days from December 20-22, and he will show the stage of new albums.

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