4 Lines COFFEE & 2 Dots Bakery

The cafe introduced today has two names because it operates a bakery and a café together, and the name of each bakery and café is displayed at the entrance.

It is famous for its delicious bread and has appeared on gourmet shows.

The inside of the shop looked like it was very attractive and so I was interested in it, when I looked into it more I found it had a good reputation on the internet, so I finally visited for the first time.

The interior was simple, and the colors were used for the cushions and window frames, which allowed the senses to shine.

It is a popular cafe that is loved by locals who love bread, because there are plenty of different types of bread.

And this is the best feature of this bakery.

This Convenor Belt.

There is bread on the belt and it turns around in front of me.

What a mysterious sight.

I have never seen such a bakery.


In addition to basic drinks such as coffee and tea, there is a wide selection of non-caffeine drinks such as ade and fruit juice.

Deep chocolate 딥 쇼콜라 / 4500won

Sweet and delicious.

I can choose hot and ice, but this time I ordered with ice.

Cocoa powder is on top.

Opening hours >>>

Weekdays 08:00-23:00

Weekends 11:00-23:00

Access >>>

A 3-minute walk from Exit 4 of Shinbayashi Station on Subway Line 2.

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