Boramae Park

Boramae Park was opened in 1986 on the site of the former Air Force Academy.

The area is about 420,000 square meters, and the park name “Boramae” means “young hawk for hunting” and is derived from the symbol of the Korean Air Force being a young hawk. 

There are many facilities in the park that make you feel like the Air Force, especially the “Air Park”, where you can see outdoor exhibits and boarding experiences of fighter aircraft actually used by the Air Force.

There are walking courses, jogging courses, cycling courses, etc., which makes it a good place to exercise.

In the park there are ducks and carp swimming on the lake.

There is also a fountain show, and it is lit up at night The fusion of water and light makes for a beautiful show.

Flowers can be seen in various places in the park, and cherry blossoms are beautiful in the spring while autumn leaves can be seen in the fall.

Wild rabbits live here and come down to eat grass at night when traffic is low, so you may meet one if you are lucky.

However, because rabbits are very alert, they run away if they feel even a little threatened, so for rabbits

It’s a good idea to observe quietly from a distance without getting too close.

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7 minute walk from Exit 4 of Sindaebang Station on Subway Line 2.

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