Cafe de Paris ~Myeongdong store~

“Cafe de Paris” is a Korean cafe famous for having a large parfait of about 20cm in height that uses seasonal fruits such as strawberries and mango. Since opening in Myeongdong in June 2016, it has been gaining popularity. The shop is adjacent to the main street of Myeongdong, so it is a nice place to stop for a drink between shopping.

The Bonbon series is a representative dessert menu of “Cafe de paris” that uses fresh raw fruits and fresh cream such as mango, strawberry and cherry.

They are particular about the use of high-quality ingredients so that you can enjoy the fruit’s original taste, and we use only fresh fruits every morning.

In order to provide seasonal fruits, the menu is changed every season.

[Bonbon series sales schedule]

Mango: All season

Ichigo: From November to around May

Muscat: From August to the end of October

If it is difficult to purchase high-quality fruits, sales may be suspended without notice even during the above period.

“Strawberry Bonbon” is a seasonal menu that is sold every year from November to May.

The amount of strawberry used per one is about 15 berries, so it is irresistible for strawberry lovers.

It contains whipped cream, strawberries cut in half, and the cold strawberry smoothie.

The sweetness of strawberries and the sweetness and sourness of smoothies are exquisite.

Opening hours >>>

Every day 11:00-24:00

Access >>>

A 2-minute walk from Exit 8 of Myeongdong Station on Subway Line 4

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