Han Seok-kyu “Concerned about historical distortion? “Why” does matters”

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Actor Han Suk-kyu showed pride in the movie ‘Forbidden Dream’.

Han Suk-kyu said “The recorded history is not always true” on the 16th at the press conference of ‘Forbidden Dream’ held at Lotte Cinema at Konkuk University in Seoul.

“I’m personally interested in history. This is because the question “why?”and imagination is important for the profession as an actor.” he said.

Production team of the movie are worried and wary about the distortion of history, but I want to say once again that the recorded history is not always true. “I think what’s real and what’s true can be changed depending on your ideas and perspectives.”

“This film has a fact based on the memoir and we added a little bit imagination like “Is there any such thing happened?”, he explained.

Huh Jin-ho, who grab the megaphone, said, “We have been asking a lot of advice because we needed astronomical knowledge, and in order to recreate ‘Jakyukru’, we went through hard historical research. We needed a scientific understanding, so we studied a lot. I was worried about how to harmonize such historical fact with cinematic imagination in this film”

In particular, “It was a big question that the king’s wagon made by Jang Young-sil was broken and Jang Young-sil disappeared behind the history.” “It is known that King Sejong valued a talented person and there is a record of Jang Young-sil being in close of his range. “It was a big thing to open the time and sky of Joseon in that era as much as Hangeul. We started with this question “why Jang Young-sil disappear from history?” and made this film with cinematic imagination based on historical facts.”

‘Forbidden Dream’ depicts the story of King Sejong who wanted to make time for Joseon and Jang Young-sil who became his hand. Han Suk-gyu played King Sejong and Choi Min-sik played Jang Young-sil. ‘Forbidden Dream’ is scheduled to be released on December 26.

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