Lee Jae-hoon confirmed to star in Netflix’s original ‘Move to Heaven’

[Kim Hyung-joon]

Actor Lee Jae-hoon was selected to star in Netflix’s original Korean drama, Move to Heaven on December the 17th.

According to Netflix, ‘Move to Heaven’ is a drama about a young man Gru (Tang Jun-sang) with Asperger’s Syndrome and Sang-gu (Lee Jae-hoon) who suddenly became his guardian.

According to Netflix, ‘Move to Heaven’ tells the story of Gu-ru(Tang Jun-sang), who has Asperger’s syndrome, and his uncle Sang-gu(Lee Jae-hoon). The two first meet through the death of Gu-ru’s father and end up running a trauma cleaning business together. As they conduct their work the duo uncover various stories of the deceased, while experiencing different emotions and sentiments toward life, death and family.

‘Move to Heaven’ is drawing attention as the director Kim Seong-ho of ‘How to steal a dog’ and the writer Yoon Ji-ryeon of ‘Angel Eyes’ come together to breathe together.

Lee Jae-hoon, who has been starring in the film, is gaining popularity through his delicate and inspiring acting across genres such as the movie ‘Architecture 101’, ‘I Can Speak’, TV drama ‘Signal’, and ‘Tomorrow, With You’.

Tang Joon-sang debuted as a musical ‘Billy Elliot’, and appeared in the movie ‘Night of 7 Years’ and ‘The King’s Letters’ and television drama ‘Crash landing on you’. .

‘Move to Heaven’ will launch exclusively on Netflix, and the release date is not fixed.

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