Recommended mask pack. What are the daily soothing skin packs?


After the holiday

When the tension comes and goes

It is a girl who spends time.

Today is the season of change

Daily pack story that is good for soothing your skin

I brought it :)​

Until now, I’ve been using foreign pack brands!

JHP Cosmetics 139 Mask Pack

Skin + Lotion + Essence + Cream

The product where the basic care is all in one sheet

I came out :)​

Today’s pack I will introduce:

The main ingredient is allantoin, NMF

And it’s called beta-glucan.

Allantoin is one of the most popular that

Soothes quickly

It’s a calming effect.

In addition, it has five natural moisturizing factors (NMF), including collagen, which provides moisture and nutrition

It is said to provide a strong moisture

Due to the extremely dry weather which affects me

For those who feel cheating

I think it’s comfortable.

139 mask pack is for the morning and the evening

It’s a daily pack that you can use every day.

The ingredients that care as much as I use often

If you pick up the part first

It’s fragrance-free, no paraben, no pigment

It’s a 3free system pack that doesn’t burden your skin.

You can also receive certification for dermatology and non-irritation.

I personally think

I use it mainly in the evening

Its contents are detailed below again

I’ll mention it!​

Then pack to use in earnest.

Through unboxing and my detailed reviews

I will also mention how to use them.​

Voila! 139 Mask Pack

If you open it, this is the first sealing.

After opening that tape​

Also, the protective vinyl inside

You have to remove it completely so you can use it comfortably.

It’s a pity that the essence will fly away

If you use it.

The sheet of the paper inside may be torn

I recommend removing it with a bag.

Actually, I

Take that back

The sheet was torn and yielded to the body.

> ㅁ <

JHP Cosmetics is a daily pack

In the manufacturing technology and packaging

He has obtained a number of domestic patents.

That white wavy plastic

Minimize essence evaporation by blocking the outlet

Until the last one

Don’t worry because it’s not dry.

You can remove the protective vinyl!​

Speaking of the goodness of the pack

Maybe a pro is annoying like me

It’s easy to use!

ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ

Especially busy workers or working moms

They are busy preparing in the morning,

Come in the evening to be exhausted and, still need to do their skincare

You wouldn’t have this energy!

Put this child in the bathroom

Just after washing, Put it on for 5 minutes

It’s really easy to take off 🙂

This is my recommended mask pack

Yinggi Estuary> ㅁ <​

Then, 139 mast pack unique

Let’s reveal how to pull it out.

The official video on JHP Cosmetics

I looked at it and took a picture

Let’s take a look at the video

ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ

The other normal plucking packs

Are one by one while in this on

Everyone is connected.

That is why the seam with dotted lines shows you have to tear it,

Before you use it,

The video on the ball home please note.

There’s a manual on the lid

If you follow the video

I think it will be easier for you!​

Then when I recommend mask pack

Essential elements!

Let’s talk about sheets

ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ

In fact, when used for the first time

It’s not a feeling of good adhesion

And I was a little disappointed.

By the way,

Daily pack concept

Made with no polyester

It’s an eco-friendly product.

Common pack products are sheets

To improve adhesion

Polyester aka microfiber


Is said to be used.

139 mask pack is not only polyester

They don’t add bleach.

For reference, the fabric is only rayon and pulp

Eco-friendly Citra Nidot!​

Excellent moisture storage capacity

I used triple cellulose fabric.

This fabric not only delivers enough moisture

It is said to block moisture from escaping.

That’s why after using this product,

When you put on makeup, adhesion and moisturization are felt.

Zephyr feels rising.

Many people use it as a morning pack

What will you do?​

Essence amount can be added to the product

I took a short video!

For 5 minutes in the morning or late evening

Daily pack to simplify

Maybe the amount of essence is not enough

I thought it was abundant.

In fact, I am going to have a morning pack

Rather than sleeping after sleeping before writing

I use it more often with a calming pack

ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ

When the rest of the essence is dry

I apply it to my hands and feet.

Especially nowadays, doing housework

I’ll test it on the back of my hand.​

​ Rice paddies are taken out earlier

It was a waste of packs and was around five minutes on the back of the hand

I put it on!​

5 minutes later after removing the pack

It’s on the left side

Can you see the rich amount of essence?

> ㅁ <

But you can’t leave it this way

I patted it with my hands to absorb the essence evenly.

Immediately after absorbing the essence

Today’s picture!

I want to show the light properly

I prepared a moving video.

Then you can’t fail

I’ll also show you before & after photos.

As you can see from the picture

Before the left

After-sales are on the right.

Moist with real photos

I can’t express all the moisture with the light.

I left the video above.​

My favorite daily pack video

I took a short shot.

If you open the seam next to it,

The seat is that nostril left.

I’m sticking.​

But as I mentioned above

Eco-friendly Citra

Adhesion is not magnetic

5 minutes to pack I recommend not to make it big 🙂

Today I can use it so easily

I talked about the daily pack for 5 minutes.

My favorite mask pack

Has appeared in Korean brands and

I love it!

ㅎㅎㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ

Especially when I travel, my skin is often overturned.

I always take a calm pack when traveling​

This 139 mask pack

There are 5 versions too !!!

In late October

I plan to travel for a week

I think I’ll just carry this 🙂

Actually from Korea Smash skin

Do you want to open this by showing signs?

Contemplating for a trip to Barcelona

I sealed it.

Blue pack for soothing skin

Besides pink. Purple, red and so on

I think there’s a line for more details

Check it out at JHP Cosmetics Home!

Bye-bye today until today ♥ ︎

Thank you.

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