Seoul’s largest underground shopping district is GOTOMALL. Located in the Gangnam area, it is directly connected to the express bus terminal station where subway lines 3, 7, and 9 can enter.

There are about 600 stores along the huge two-row underground shopping street with a total length of about 880 meters, most of which are Korean fashion shops.

An assortment of goods and low prices are outstanding, and high-quality products are available at low prices, so blogs and Instagram are full of information on purchased items.

“GOTOMALL” is divided into “GoTo Zone” in the central area, “West Zone” and “East Zone” in the east and west. If you are looking for Korean fashion and accessories, go to “GoTo Zone” and “West Zone”. In the “East Zone”, there are many daily necessities and miscellaneous goods for residents.

Payment methods vary depending on the store in GOTOMALL. If you pay with a card, there are many shops where the price increases by 10%.

If you pay in cash, you will be able to shop at a great price.

Citibank ATMs in the central plaza are convenient when you do not have enough cash.

Overseas credit cards are also supported.

“GOTOMALL” is very wide, so if you have a shop you want or want to come back again, check the shop number on the signboard attached to the eaves of the shop.

Subway 3/7/9 Express bus terminal station Exits 8-1, 8-2.

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