Gyeongui Line Forest Road ~경의선숲길~

The railroad extending from Seoul to Paju, the Gyeongui Line, once ran on the ground in the city center, but undergrounding was completed several years ago. At the same time, the “Gyeongui Line Forest Road Project” has been promoted to convert the former site into a park.

“숲길” means “the road in the forest”, and the walking path in the park has been maintained with the tracks remaining.

A tree and flowers were planted on a straight road, like a city ecological park, and the road was also reborn, creating a place for citizens to relax and a promenade.

As a result, the surrounding trade area has also improved. There are also Gyeongui line book street and Nobel street, and there were a lot of indie band guitarists around Hongik University.

In that sense, it is said that an art space has been formed.

Of the several sections, about 1 km from Hongdae Station to Gajwa Station is the “Yeonnam-dong Section”.

The surrounding area was originally a popular area where Yeonnam-dong Cafe Street and Chinatown were formed, but the atmosphere has been improved by the completion of the park, and stylish shops and restaurants are rapidly increasing on both sides of the park.

Access >>>

Subway Line 2

Gyeongui Central Line

Airport railway

7 minutes on foot from Exit 3 of Hongik University Station

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