Noryangjin Cup rice Street ~컵밥거리~

One of the things I want to experience on my trip to Korea is eating at food stalls. It is abundant in variety, cheap in price, and cooks right in front of you so you can enjoy the freshness.

The food stalls in the popular tourist area of Myeongdong are familiar to tourists, but also Noryangjin, known for its fishery market, has had a street stall.

The area around Noryangjin Station is where preparatory schools for national examinations gather.

For the prep school students who don’t have money, the hearty cup-shaped rice called 컵밥 (cup rice) was a specialty menu.

Although it was once exposed to the danger of removal, the streets were renewed with redevelopment in front of the station. It is also popular with students and foreigners who visit the Noryangjin Fisheries Market.

[Cup rice price] 3,000won~4,000 won

A cup of rice on the menu that represents Food stalls Street. The counter at the stall is full of ingredients such as spam and sausages, smoked chicken, fried eggs, fried pork, and kimchi. You can taste nearly 20 different types of cup rice in various combinations so that you don’t get bored even if you eat every day.

When you come here, you can feel the local atmosphere.

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A 4-minute walk from Exit 3 of Subway Lines 1 and 9

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