Garosugil is a street of about 700m with stylish shops and cafes. It is a hot spot in Seoul that is crowded with young people on weekends. Near the Garosugil, there is a street that has been attracting attention recently.

That is serosugil.

It refers to several alleys that extend like branches on the left and right sides of Garosugil. 

In Korean, “vertical” is pronounced “sero” and “horizontal” is pronounced “garo”, so the young people began to call funny “serosugil”.

The area known as “Serosugil” is an area that spreads along the streets on both the east and west sides of the main street of Garosugil. 

There are small but cute shops with good concepts and clear concepts.

Picture perfect cafes and unique cafes are scattered in the back alleys.

The east side, especially near Subway Line 3 Apgujeong Station, is known as an area dotted with pretty cafes.

The west side near Subway Line 3 Sinsa Station is the central area of ​​the tavern. There are unique and stylish taverns such as makgeolli cocktails and beer bars all over the alley, especially from the evening to the night.

Serosugil is also attractive for its hideaway atmosphere. When you visit Garosugil, you may find yourself encountering a wonderful shop if you take a stroll along the side street.

Access >>>

Take subway line 3 “Sinsa Station” Exit 8 and go straight. Turn left at the second corner and it will be Garosugil. Serosugil is the street next to Garosugil.

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