‘Face Genius’ Jung Hae-in’s transformation into a rebel (ft. START-UP)

[Maeil Business Star Today Han Hyun-jeong]

‘Sweet Guy’ Jung Hae-in transforms into a rebellious teenager through the movie ‘START-UP’.

Jung Hae-in played the enthusiastic rebellion in the movie ‘START-UP’, which was released on the 18th. Sang-pil is a character who is struggling to make money as soon as possible. He is awkward without doing anything well, but full of motivation. Sng-pil is struggling to make money as quickly as possible, but he is motivated without doing anything good. He started a rough social life at ‘global financial company. Although Sang-pil is full of mistakes, but he is warm-hearted teenager who thinks a lot about his grandmother and friend.

In this film, Jung Hae-in is eye-catching, boasting an image contrary to his appearance in his previous dramas. Still-cut which shows Jung Hae-in, who is changing roughly through the harsh reality, is also gathering topics.

The movie ‘START-UP’ currently ranking second in the box office competes with the movie ‘ASHFALL’.

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