Kang Daniel in his element at KBS show TV ‘Pyunstaurant’

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Kang Daniel’s Mukbang will be released on ‘Pyunstaurant’.

In the KBS2 ‘Pyunstaurant’ broadcast on the 20th, five chefs (Lee Kyoung-kyu, Lee Young-ja, Lee Jung-hyun, Jung Il-woo, Jin Se-yeon) will contend for menu development on the theme of ‘pork’. Along with this, Idol singer Kang Daniel is going to give out the charm of being a special MC.

Kang Daniel, who appeared as a special MC in the last broadcast, shows a new song ‘Touching’ stage, and a special reaction whenever a delicious food appears on the VCR. Accordingly, female hosts such as Lee Young-ja, Lee Jung-hyun, Jin Se-yeon and Hong Jin-kyung, as well as male judges such as Lee Seung-chul and Lee Won-il, raised their thumbs as “handsome” and “cool”.

In the midst of the 20th episode of  ‘Pyunstaurant’, Gang Daniel’s other charms, puppy-cuteness are revealed.

Since he likes to eat, Kang Daniel, who is nicknamed ‘Kang Meat’, raises a lot of interest and expectations of his “Mukbang”.

On this day, Lee Kyung-kyu revealed the final menu of ‘Pork’ which was upgraded by adding his own recipe after tasting it in Vladivostok, Russia. Lee Kyung-kyu, who won the first title with “Majang-myeon,” was hoping that he would be well received after his last failure.

Kang Daniel, who complained about being hungry all the time while watching the VCR, tasted Lee Kyung-kyu’s final menu with curious eyes. The studio began to stir at the appearance of Kang Daniel who loves the menu.

Lee Kyung-kyu was nervously waiting for the review of tasting. Kang Daniel, who considered chef’s heart, did his best to express the taste of food in his own way.

It is said that the scene became a sea of ​​laughter by saying “He’s so gentle” and “He does well in his social career” as the casts who heard Kang Daniel’s assessment.

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