Lotte World

This time I will introduce Lotte World.

The most famous amusement park in Korea

You can play regardless of the weather.

Lotte World is now in Christmas mode.

On this day, the university entrance exam, which was famous as a major event in Korea, was over, and there were many students.

By the way, Lotte World has a system that allows you to get a discount if you wear a uniform. Try Korean uniforms.

This is a famous vehicle at Lotte World.


At the moment I got on after 2 hours, but I couldn’t get a reservation ticket.

By the way, a reservation can be made with the QR code of the Lotte admission ticket.

This can be done with the phone app or a machine in the park.

However, during busy periods, it is not possible to make a reservation if popular attractions may close early.

be careful.

I wanted to ride it with my friend’s recommendation, but I gave up because there were too many people and it was cold.

And there are quite a few rooms for children.

There are many attractions that scream outside, so if you’re OK, try riding a lot.

Speaking of Korea, chicken is the popular BHC chicken, juice and chicken.

I also ate chicken. (Once a week)

And finally, headband !!!

There are many goods shops around that area.

We sell a variety of headbands and sweets

Headbands are essential for taking photos for the memories.

I think those who know this headband know

This Headband was worn by BTS in some VLIVE content.

Many idols are shooting at Lotte World.

Why don’t you take a picture with the same pose in the same place?

There are still many things, so please go there ^^


1-day ticket (9:30~23:00)

   Adults (including university students) 54,000 won
Youth (13-18) 48,000 won
Child (3-12 years old) 45,000 won
Infants (under 36 months) 14,000 won


   Adults (including university students) 43,000 won
Youth (13-18) 38,000 won
Child (3-12 years old) 34,000 won
Infants (under 36 months) 14,000 won

※ Must confirm age when entering

※ Children over the age of 65 (children who can prove their age)

( address )

40-1 Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul

( business hours )

Sunday-Friday 9: 30-22: 00, Saturday 9: 30-23: 00

※ South gate Group Ticket Office (Ticket Exchange) 9: 30-19: 00

( Holiday )

Open all year round (however, attractions may be closed)

Need confirmation on the homepage

( traffic )

・ Subway Line 2 Amuro Station Exits 3 and 4 Directly connected to the basement

(home page)

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