Special lives of Daewon International Middle School.

Intern Reporter: Shin Jung Woo, Lee Tae Hyung

(Daewon International middle school)

Posted on Dec 24, 2019, 13:53:57

The newly created School Life Section of Mottokorea introduces the overall school life of Korean secondary students. The K-POP stars such as BTS and TWICE have boomed the Korean Wave, and the interest in Korea is increasing from Asia to the West. In this article, Daewon International Middle School students, who can speak English freely, will introduce Korea through their school introduction or promotion.

“We are Shin Jung-woo and Lee Tae-hyung who are in the first-grade teachers of Daewon International Middle School. First, let me introduce you to our school. There are four international middle schools in Korea. Among them, Daewon International Middle School is Korea’s first international middle school, designated as the first international specialized middle school.

Lee Won-hee is the founder of Daewon High School, the first foreign language high school in Korea. For him, developing a global leader was a lifelong ambition. In one interview, President Lee Won-hee stated the reason for the establishment of Daewon International Middle School.”

He said in the interview,

“Do you know why I founded the International Middle School? Tens of thousands of people are packed a year and they go abroad to Australia and Canada. The Wild Goose Dad(A father who leaves his wife and children abroad to educate his children, and remains alone in Korea to earn money) commits suicide, leads to family breakdowns, and tens of trillion won is taken abroad. The country’s wealth is swept away by selling all of the money it earns from selling mobile phones. It is not possible to hold all overseas students, but is it necessary to satisfy the customer’s desire for educational services in the country? In a global age, English is already a must. The best time to learn a language is in middle school. We are going to establish an international world and nurture global leaders… ”

(Interview with Lee Won-hee, the founder of Daewon High School, Monthly Chosun magazine  2009/08/10,)

The lesson of Daewon International Middle School is to be a big person with high quality that will be able to lead the world. The lessons of the founders’ wishes came to the world on March 5, 2009, when the school was opened.

Studying is the best, but the curriculum of Daewon International Middle School is divided into many kinds of major classes, such as VADIS festivals, Global day, foreign language day, English discussion/TED listening, English-based classes, volunteer activities, and overseas language camps. It focuses on providing students with a variety of international exchange activities, promoting talent, and improving their service spirit and communication skills.

Now let’s talk about our volunteer activities. Our school cares not only about studying but also about the growing the personality of our students. In my case, I teach elementary school students at the local children’s center. It was hard to go every week, but now I see some children waiting for me. In my school, not only me but all the students are doing this kind of volunteer work.

This time, I will introduce the music talent donation activities. Mr. Lee Dong-Ho(My teacher), Jung Eun-Hye  who is the Music teacher in charge of the orchestra and my classmates who know how to play musical instruments have been volunteering to play for the disabled.

(Music Talent Donation Activities for Community Welfare Facilities of Daewon International Middle School Students)

‘Music Talent Donation’ is a volunteer activity where students go to play for disabled people. This is so students can experience the value of real-life performance without any competition or price. Students are encouraged to grow by gaining and sharing their accomplishments and self-esteem in the preparation and performances.

Through this, teachers were proud to see the purity of their students and their desire to share, and through this music talent donation service, students saw the desire to share with the purity of each other. In addition, students formed the right personality. Students were able to build a sense of pride and accomplishment that they could be someone that helps others. Students also think it would have been a valuable experience to confirm that they are recognized through encouragement and praise. In the future, we want to make many students realize that we can have a rich value of true life without any awards or money and that we can enjoy someone with music.

In addition, we will introduce our ‘cooking class’ after school which is one of the other volunteer activities. Cooking class is when students go to the Kwangjin Youth Training Center with their friends and make cookies after school. Cookies made by students can be donated and tasted in person.

It’s been a short time, but it’s a good idea to give donations while taking classes. Which in turn helps students on two ends. But above all else, it is a joyous way to share happiness with the disabled!

(Cookies baked directly with students at Daewon International Middle School who are making cookies in ‘cooking class’ after school)

Every student at our school is excellent at studying because we have been serving our students since the first grade. What I have felt so far in my ministry is that the happiness of those who receive service is great, but the happiness of those who practice it is greater. I will try to make Daewon International Middle School a place that makes students feel happy and necessary.

Shin Jung-woo, Lee Tae-hyung.

Daewon International Middle School.

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