Ok Taekyeon “I thought I had to do it no matter what… I will show how I grew up”

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The attractive pictorial of Ok Taek-yeon, “Original Beast-dol,” returned after the military service.

On the 23rd, fashion magazine GQ Korea unveiled the attractive pictorial of singer and actor Ok Taek-yeon.

In this pictorial with the concept of ‘Black & Wild’, Ok Taek-yeon showed a unique atmosphere by perfectly digesting everything from chic charm to soft charisma.

 Ok Taek-yeon shows off the extraordinary aura with a deeper look and an attractive look.

According to the interview, Ok Taek-yeon revealed a frank story about the next work. MBC’s new Wednesday/Thursday drama ‘The Game: Toward midnight’ (screenwriters Lee Ji-hyo, director Jang Joon-ho) is a story about a prophet who can see the moment right before they die and a detective solve the string of murders.

Tae-pyeong is a prophet. When he looks into someone’s eye, he can see the moment right before they die. When Ok Taek-yeon, who took the role of Tae-pyeong, read the script he thought he should do this work. Ok Taek-yeon said “The character of Tae-yeong should be dark, I think I can show the bright part of my character that I usually have. And also I thought I could show my growth as an actor. ”

The pictorials and interviews showcased by Ok Taek Yeon’s diverse charms can be seen through the January issue of JIQ Korea, and the drama ‘The Game : Toward midnight’ will be broadcast on January 22nd next year following the ‘People with flaws’.

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