‘Kingdom season 2’ trailer released… “Death is coming!”

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Netflix’s original series ‘Kingdom’ Season 2 has finally released its intense teaser video.

‘Kingdom’ is a mystery thriller that explores another conspiracy and secret in the palace, where Prince Chang, who returned to the palace in search of a blood source in Joseon, is covered with plague. ‘Kingdom’ Season 1 ended with the crown prince approaching the dead and left with the question of how to now save his country. When the morning was bright but the zombies dashed harder and harder without falling asleep, and the crown prince (Ju Ji-hoon) who had to face the dead again, and Seo-bi (Bae Duna) who discovered the reason the zombies only slept during the daytime. Because of the shocking ending of ‘Kingdom’ Season 1, where they realized that their weakness was not light but temperature, many viewers were looking forward to the upcoming season 2.

The released trailer shows short and intense moments of death coming to Lee Chang, Seo-bi, Queen and King respectively. Lee Chang with his bloody sword and heading for the palace,  confronts someone in the dark and creates tension. Seobi is imprisoned somewhere blocked her view.

 Along with the screams, blood splashes on Seobi’s face and an indescribable fear comes. The Queen is still full of greed and insists on witchcraft, leading her to death. It is shocking to see the king who has been changed to terrible zombie after the throne of Joseon lost its master..

‘Kingdom’ Season 2, which releases an overwhelming teaser video and makes viewers more curious, will only premiere on Netflix in March 2020.

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