There is one place you might not know about( but need to) in Korea, a cafe run by super famous culinary researcher Baek Jong-won, “PAIK’S COFFEE ”

“PAIK’S COFFEE” has a rich menu.

There are over 80 kinds of drinks. In addition to drinks, there are desserts such as ice cream, bread and madeleine, and even vegetable soups such as potatoes, onions, and mushrooms. If you include all of them, there are about 100 different menus.

Looking further at the price,

Americano (HOT): 1,500 ₩

Americano (ICED): 2,000 ₩

Cafe latte (HOT): 2,000 ₩

Cafe latte (ICED): 2,500 ₩

It’s very cheap!

PAIK’s COFFEE has stores all over Korea, and there are 621 stores at the moment!

You can drink PAIK’S COFFEE’s coffee not only in Seoul and Busan but also in any area of ​​Korea.


Americano HOT/ 앗!메리카노

Vanilla latte HOT/ 바닐라라떼

Creamy mocha latte HOT/ 크리미모카라떼

chocolate ICED/ 원조초코

Tapioca milk tea ICED/ 블랙펄밀크티

Grapefruit ade/ 자몽에이드

Plain yogurt smoothie/ 플레인요거트스무디

Strawberry banana frappuccino/ 완전딸기바나나(SOFT)

Chocolate banana frappuccino/ 완전초코바나나(SOFT)

Pistachio frappuccino/ 피스타치오빽스치노(SOFT)

Coffee frappuccino/ 원조빽스치노(SOFT)

A cafe where you can drink delicious coffee created by cooking researchers.

Why don’t you stop by when you travel to Korea?

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