iKON finalizes Japanese tour … Announced new album + tour notice

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iKON proved its popularity by finishing the finale of the iKON YEAR END LIVE 2019 tour in Japan.

The group performed the final performance of ‘iKON YEAR END LIVE 2019’ at Kobe World Memorial Hall on December 30 and 31. IKON presented Iconic with an unforgettable year-end with a total of nine concerts starting with Nagoya on December 14, to Yokohama and Kobe.

iKON recently surpassed the 1 million cumulative total number of visitors to Japan through the iKON JAPAN TOUR 2019 tour, confirming its popularity.

The group, who has firmly established itself as a great performer, also continued to record successes with all the seats sold out.

In the opening stage, iKON enthusiastically enthralled the fans with a unique performance of its hit songs ‘FREEDOM’ and ‘B-DAY’. When the iconic mega-hit song ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ came out, the audience filled the stage with group sing-along. Until the end of the performance, the concert was filled with songs showing its unique musical spectrum.

In addition, iKON and its fans celebrated Dong Hyuk’s birthday and shared joy. Dong Hyuk, who celebrates his birthday on January 3, said, “Thank you all. I’m a bit shy but happy. ”

In particular, iKON enthusiastically responded to the news of preparation for the release of a new album during the performance.

 “We are preparing to release a new song. In 2020, many new songs will be prepared for more tours. Please look forward to it. ”

Finally, iKON thanked the fans, “We will do our best to make you happy in 2020.”

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