Lee Dae-hwi, who is 20 years old, is the last day of 2019.

[Hye Yoon Kim Intern Reporter, Daily Economic Star]

Boy group AB6IX Lee Dae-hwi expressed his feeling of becoming an adult soon.

On the 30th, Lee posted a picture on the official AB6IX Instagram, with the words, “Is it a real adult D-1?

Lee Dae-hwi is winking while wearing a white fleece jacket and a red men’s hairband. The face and the look of despair just before disappearing is outstanding.

Netizens have seen various reactions such as “It’s already adults,” “It’s still like a baby in my eyes,” “It’s so fast,” and “I’m looking forward to next year’s activities.”

Lee Dae-hui is born in 2001 and will turn 20 next year.

Photo | AB6IX SNS

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