Myeongdong Art Theater

In June 2009, the Myeongdong Art Theater was opened in Myeongdong, a popular tourist destination.”Myeongdong National Theater”, originally created in 1934 than disappeared in the mid-1970s, was reborn as the “Myeongdong Art Theater”.

The Myeongdong Art Theater, which first appeared in ’34, is a five-story building with the same appearance as it had the time it was built with an internal structure renovated in a modern style.

“Myeongdong Art Theater” is a theater with a total of 558 seats. The distance between the stage and the audience is relatively short, and the design is designed to make it easy to see the expressions and movements of the actors on the stage. In addition, the balcony seats up to the third floor give a luxurious impression.

The Myeongdong Art Theater is a place where artists and spectators can enjoy theater in a satisfying space.

The Myeongdong Art Theater will have a variety of performances so that people of all ages can easily visit.

It is aiming to improve and develop Korean theater works by performing more excellent works in Korea than works from overseas. Expectations are high for the future lineup of collecting top-notch works that can be deeply moved.

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The Myeongdong Art Theater is on the way from the main street of Myeongdong to Euljiroik Station.

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