‘Radio Star’ Kim Hee-chul showed the heart of a fan to Faker “For me, he’s like a Son Heung-min”

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Kim Hee-chul showed his infinite affection to Faker in ‘Radio Star’.

LOL World Champion Faker, who was selected as the grand three of Korea, appeared at the episode of the MBC entertainment show ‘Radio Star’, which aired on December the 1st

Kim Hee-chul answered the question that he had canceled the party to join the program, “I had to come when I heard Faker was scheduled to appear the show. I’m so nervous.”

“He is a legend to people who play e-games. It feels like that a young man dreaming of a comedian encounters Kim Kook-jin.”

Kim Ku-ra, who heard this, made a joke “It doesn’t touch at all.”

Faker was chosen as the grand three to have introduced Korea. He was the winner of all national and international competitions at the LOL World Champion.

Kim Hee-chul praised me, “As for me Faker is Son Heung-min.”

 Kim Hee-chul added, “I really like him as a gamer.”

Faker answered when he was offered a blank check overseas, “I’ve never seen a contract, but I think this can be true.”

He said, “I would like to live in Korea regardless of the amount. It’s fun to be competitive in Korea, and I want to show my fans good looks. ”

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